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Lansing Tree Service, Inc.

We are a tree care service company in Lansing, Michigan of certified professionals. We offer the following tree services:

 Tree Trimming

 Tree Cutting

 Tree Removal

 Stump Removal

 Tree Maintenance

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Lansing Tree Service, Inc.

Our company provides quality tree service in Lansing Michigan. If you need tree services from stump removal, tree trimming service, tree care services, tree pruning services or you just need our expertise in tree care services; we are just a phone call away! We offer highly ethical and efficient tree doctors who provide affordable but quality tree services in Lansing. If you have a problem about your trees, we solve them for you!

Tree  Services

Tree Pruning

Fruit trees yield fruits. So to enjoy the sweetest and most abundant harvest, our tree service company provides excellent tree pruning services. Pruning services is an art, and we are the maestros in accomplishing a work of art by cutting down dead branches, reshaping your trees and making sure that your trees bear the quality of fruits you desire.

Tree Removal

Our tree service company provides emergency tree removal when you need it. Hurricanes and natural disasters are unavoidable, but you can avoid the danger of your trees falling down on your houses or by getting entangled by wires by employing our expert tree cutters.

Stump Removals

Bothered by that tree stump in your backyard? No need! We use industry prescribed tools in removing and grinding the stumps for you. You can request for the mulch for fertilizers after we remove it and have it grinded. It is a safety precaution also if you have children and it will not create an eyesore in your yard. It will be easier also to landscape your area as you will be left with a clean space for planting your next trees.

Tree services should be done with meticulous care. So why do you go with us?

Cost Friendly: We provide affordable tree service with the best output that you’ll see our finished work with a smile on your face. Even if cost is not an issue, you certainly would like to put your money on a company that delivers reliable tree services.

Reputable: We have built a solid and loyal base of clientele over the years as a tree service company. Our motto is to put a smile on our customers’ face when we get the job done. We put value on our being called tree experts.

Licensed and Certified: Our tree service company offer quality tree surgeons for your needs. Our licensed tree specialists will be at your beck and call to assess the problem and provide efficient tree services.

Certified Arborists: Our tree doctors are highly trained and certified in the art and science of planting, caring and maintaining individual trees. Hiring an arborist requires due diligence for the outcome and we got it down pat.

Time Efficiency: We do not drag our feet once a job is contracted. We know how busy you are and we put premium on our efficient tree services. We do not waste any of your time and we take pride as a tree service company to provide reliable tree services and we get it done in a blink of an eye.

Safety First: Our tree service company ensures extreme safety precautions while doing the job. We train safe tree trimmers and cutters who put their safety and the homeowners’ safety first while accomplishing the contract. We do not want fast paced but dangerous jobs; we uphold a high reputation for our company. There are no small or big jobs for us; we finish our work by using safety tools prescribed by the ISA and other organizations using the best and latest techniques in tree cutting and stump removal services.

Choose the Best Tree Doctors!

Our reputable tree service company does not underestimate the importance of tree trimming. Here are the benefits of calling our tree trimmers to take care of your trees.

Healthy Trees, Happy Owners: Trees are like humans too. They need tree care services to maintain excellent health. You can avoid infections and diseases if you trim the dead branches before it creates a problem.

Size Matters: To achieve a viable growth, trees need to be trimmed and shaped by our tree trimmers to provide beautification in your yard also. They need to enhance the view and not obstruct it.  A good tree trim is a must to keep their luster and prevent overgrowth.

Leaves Raking: You have a full time job and still need to finish household chores, raking dead leaves which piled up because you did not have time to have your trees trimmed won’t be an added worry anymore. By having our tree experts trim your trees, you’ll have less time needed to rake dead leaves in the fall.

We understand that caring for your trees is a highly dangerous job. So all you need to do is call us and we will take your problems away from you. Tree removers are a dime in a dozen, but homeowners must choose carefully on whom to hire so as not to aggravate the problem. You should rely on a tree service company who uses more high-end equipment for stump removal for example rather than a plain chainsaw.